It all started with a simple experiment. A swatch of vinyl and a request to make it something useful. With the imagination to take a seemingly useless material destined for the landfill, a basic pattern sketch from a napkin, a sharp pair of shears, some thread and a trusty sewing machine, Upcycle Goods was born.

We’ve been a morphing work-in-progress ever since. A basic idea to create useful products that add to everyday life all with the uniqueness that can only be found in the useless materials we’ve been handed. Vinyl, mesh, nylon, de-commissioned firehose, burlap coffee bean bags, print blankets, truck tarps and even running treadmill belts. A never ending quest to tinker and re-engineer these base materials through design and aesthetics in search of functional, useful products.

An almost effortless meshing of tech with style and compromising for nothing less all the while creating some of the most compelling pieces, all with a rich patina and a history you can see, touch and feel. Upcycle Goods carefully and ethically selects a local rogue group of skilled artisans to create and evolve the manufacturing process, merging cutting-edge design and high-end finish work with an old world feel. Every piece has a story and each and every design, pattern, die, sewing stitch and finished piece is completed in Seattle, WA.

Made in the USA. By us.